• ADHD - Adventure Driven Hardcore Design | Gen 3 Montero Skid Plate

Application: 2001-2006 Mitsubishi Montero

Replaces: factory plastic "middle" skid plate

Made of 10 gauge Stainless steel with flanged edges, this unit provides significantly more protection than the plastic 'brush gaurd' Mitsubishi offered. Weighing in at 15 lbs, it's as lightweight as we could make it while still being stronger than any skid plate you can get for a gen 3.

Consider the following:

You're 50 miles from the closest road, you've navigated your way into the thick of a trail and you're heading out, provisions are running low but you made it in and you expect to make it out, suddenly a branch or a rock in your path hits the factory plastic pan cover, tearing it away, even worse, your front axle disconnect is now exposed, one more branch or maybe the same one, also makes contact with the disconnect, unhooking your front axle, suddenly you find yourself with only rear wheel drive, attempting a trail fix may or may not result in fixing the disconnect, but why be in this position in the first place? Years of horror stories from folks getting stuck out on trails, some of them our own friends, some of them we've helped to fix while on the trail... Now that's over, our skid plate will protect your vital components giving you the assurance of knowing if you went in, you're certainly going to get back out and you'll never lose 4WD with this plate protecting your drivetrain.

Plate is shipped as raw stainless, 

If this product is out of stock the status will change to 'pre-order' and the lead time can be up to 4 weeks, otherwise the product is in stock. In-stock products generally ship within 1 week of order.

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ADHD - Adventure Driven Hardcore Design | Gen 3 Montero Skid Plate

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